One to One English Language Tuition, Nelson, New Zealand

Trish Bray of One to One English Language Tuition (ESOL) is both skilled and experienced at helping people of all ages improve their English.
Trish Bray
  • Learn to speak and write with confidence.
  • Improve your IELTS score.  Do well in your English exams.  Write excellent assignments.
  • I teach anyone who needs help with their English: their schoolwork, their tertiary study, their pronunciation, their conversation.
  • Primary school children. Secondary school students. Those studying at NMIT or university. 
  • Maybe you are doing distance learning and need someone to proofread your assignments. 
  • Perhaps you have moved to Nelson and really want to improve your everyday English. 
  • Learn in a comfortable Nelson home, close to the city centre.
  • No matter what aspect of your English you want to improve, I can help you.
Trish Bray BA (English), Dip Ed, Cert TESOL

Testimonials from students

"I am very grateful to you for your support.  I passed all my papers of this semester and I have been accepted by Victoria University.  I'm very glad to study there but also I'm anxious about my English skills without your support.  Some people said my pronunciaton clearer than other Japanese because of you."

"How have you been?  Sometimes I hear you through my friends in Nelson.  My friend who is your student told me you're such a good teacher and I'm so proud of myself being your student."

"Thank you very much for teaching me.  I think my English has improved a lot.  I thought you were the best English teacher I have met in my life!  I would love to have more lessons from you but I am leaving soon.  I got into university in Kyoto."

  • Tuition fees by negotiation, with discounts for students.
  • Transport provided for secondary school students within central Nelson.
  •  If you want to book a lesson or just want more information, contact me now by text, phone or email.